About A Short History of Decay

A new feature documentary film seeking production finance.


After three years exile in Ireland, acclaimed Mississippi Songwriter John Murry embarks on a musical journey to his native Tupelo to rake over the anxieties that led to his opiates abuse and exile from home. Like his ancestor William Faulkner, his own story has all the elements of a dark gothic romance and John is now ready to explore his family's unspoken history. With his guitar in tow, he embarks on a road trip from his native Mississippi to his strung-out days in California, all the while asking himself what is it inside the decaying American heart that is so hell bent on suppressing raw emotion?

Director                                   Sarah Share
Producer                                    Paddy Hayes
Production Company              Magamedia
Partners/co-producers              Developed by the Irish Film Board
Contact details                            magamedia(AT)gmail.com 

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